Beware of Bait
and Switch
Carpet Cleaning

What the shows concluded was that the IICRC, the Institute of Inspection,
Cleaning and Restoration Certification, which is the largest certification board in
the carpet cleaning industry, recommends this for cleaning:

They recommend that the carpet be vacuumed before the cleaning is done. However, not many of
those companies, if any of them, vacuumed on either the ABC or NBC dateline shows. After that
carpet is vacuumed, pre-spotting is supposed to be done. And finally, steam cleaning is the most
recommended method of carpet cleaning. Many of the coupon cleaners used cheap grocery store
type portable steam cleaning equipment.

Although it is highly recommended by most carpet manufacturers, but not imperative, after steam
cleaning, grooming should be done. As well, something needs to be done with air movement for
drying. Usually the use of turbo air movers is used to dry the carpet out. This is what the IICRC
recommends. None of these bait-and-switch companies did any of those services except for the
bare bones minimum of just steam cleaning. They didn't do all of the steps involved to give you a
good carpet cleaning.

Yes, you get what you pay for when it comes to hiring a carpet cleaning service. Don't be fooled by
bait and switch.

Be aware of companies using "bait-n-switch" techniques!

You’re ready to have your wall to wall carpeting professionally cleaned and want to get the best job
for the best price, right?

You may have received a coupon in a Val Pak, via direct mail or craigslist advertising $6.95 per
room! What a great deal, huh? How can they afford to charge such a low price? As a reputable
business owner who has been serving this area, I can tell you with all certainty, THEY CAN’T! The
gas alone, to get to your home would make this a losing proposition for the ‘company’. Then there
are cleaning agents, set up and tear down time, and the actual job labor—a firm charging $6 or $9 a
room would soon go broke.

How/why are they charging this price? The answer is simple—Bait & Switch! Here is a typical
scenario: Once inside your home, you are informed that the advertised price is for ‘basic steam
cleaning’--in other words, clear water. Take it from me; you cannot properly clean even a lightly
soiled carpet without proper cleaning agents, such as pre-conditioner, emulsifier & various spot
cleaners. Oh, they have these products on their truck, but if they USE them on your carpets, your
$6 a room price just went up to $75. Then, there’s the high pressure add on sales (Scotchguard
protector, deodorizing) as well as a charge for moving any furniture. Throw in the ‘nominal travel
charge’ and the 2 rooms you thought you would be paying $12 to clean have just cost you $300, not
to mention the lousy job performed by the inexperienced technician you’ve been sent! These
companies hire right off the street and pay on a commission basis. Commission on what? On all of
the up sell, of course! They’re routinely sued, go out of business, and resurface under a new name.
Save yourself the trouble!

We pride ourselves on high quality Professional Carpet Cleaning and have trained & skilled
technicians. You pay the price you are quoted! Our sole purpose is to please you, as well as extend
the life of your carpeting with a professional & thorough job! Don’t be taken in by Bait & Switch
companies! Remember the old adage—You get what you pay for!