We have experience in
    office cleaning and cater for
    the smallest business to the
    largest corporation. Flexible
    in our work we customize
    our office cleaning to your
    requirements and work
    outside normal office hours
    at evenings and weekends
    to make sure your cleaning
    requirements are met and

    Here are some services you
    may choose to include in
    your office cleaning or
    building maintenance

  • Carpet steam cleaning:
    annual, bi-annual,
    quarterly, or one-time
  • Floor maintenance:
    stripping and waxing,
  • Window cleaning

    This service normally
    includes the following:

  • trash disposal
  • washroom cleaning -
    wiping down sinks,
    fixtures, restocking
    paper products, toilet
    tissue and soap
  • floor sweeping and
  • light dusting of all
  • vacuuming of carpeted
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“Going Green” has rapidly turn out to be much more than just the quite a few
people and that’s an excellent factor. Everybody is accountable for the
And, it is not just people who’re jumping to the green bandwagon; businesses
are swiftly realizing green possibilities too. As a business enterprise operator,
you’ve an chance to make a distinction at your workplace also. 1 method to
do this really is by hiring an atmosphere pleasant janitorial services for your

Will not that be high-priced though? It seems that attempting to do the correct
factor always expenses far more, doesn’t it? Well, the factors for picking out
a green janitorial company over an additional actually demonstrate that it
saves you cash. Right here would be the major factors your business will

  •    Green cleaning contributes directly to reduced operating costs.
  •    Green cleaning extends the life of hard-floor finishes and surfaces.
  •    Green cleaning chemicals produce less toxic pollution and waste.
  •    Green cleaning equipment meets green standards and performs as
    well as, if not better than, traditional cleaning equipment.
  •    Green cleaning processes and procedures safeguards your
    employees; and customers’ health while protecting the work environment.

Getting your office cleaned with environmentally friendly items improves the air
and eliminates the amount of chemicals on their work surfaces and within the
air. Employing organic items for cleaning makes for a healthy atmosphere.
This indicates that your workers will stay healthy and take less sick days.

Utilizing environmentally sound products are safer for that janitorial services to
use. This reduces their danger of sickness and damage whilst within the
occupation which translates to delays for you personally and liability for that
janitorial company. Normal goods mean they are able to decrease the amount
of liability insurance coverage for the reason that risk is reduced and pass the
financial savings on to you.

* Beneficial for your environment.

Effectively, this really is apparent as well as the whole level of green cleaning.
Harsh chemicals aren’t passing through the plumbing and contaminating water
materials. Aerosols aren’t assisting to further break down the ozone and
recycling reduces waste in the landfills.

Some of the techniques janitorial services businesses have gone green is via
the products they use and the way they recycle. Consult your possible
company or present service if they use EcoLogo, Green Seal items or other
merchandise approved by the Environmental Safety Company.

Ask what their policy is on recycling and also the equipment they use. Be
certain they use Hepa filters on their vacuums and either recycled paper items
or micro-fiber cloths.

Don’t want to switch to a brand new janitorial services? Consult your current
provider to determine if they would be willing to go green for you. Supply them
a strategy and explain to them how it will advantage each of you to create the
change. If they are unwilling, it is straightforward to obtain a provider who can
accommodate your wants.
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