The Cleaning Specialists, Inc endeavors to be a fully Green compliant
janitorial service, which means that we purchase and use cleaning products
considered Green and employ trained personnel who understand Green
practices. A Green Program is considered: (a) A Green Agenda by the
decision-makers (our clients), (b) use of Green Products by the cleaning
services, and (3) workers who are trained and certified in Green Practices.

Please understand that the best cleaning products from a Green perspective
are fragrance-free as well as color-free that are very also effective in
cleaning and sanitizing a building. This may cause you some concern that a
special smell does not linger after our work is done. Clean facilities are
odor-free and residue-free as much as possible.

If you feel the need for fragrance in your facility, we can include products that
contain a fragrance or we can strategically place essential oil dispensers in
the office or home. A Green Office/Home is more than a clean floors,
polished desks, or spotless glass doors. The Indoor Air Quality is affected by
the variety of pollutants in the air. Cleaning chemicals, floor finishes, and
fragrances add to the other ingredients in the area as well as carpeting, paint,
furniture, manufacturing, and general operations of an office.
Therefore, our company strives to reduce the Volatile Organic Compound
(VOCs) by reducing the additives to our cleaning products. When you use our
Green Program, we bring the very best in products and practices to deliver a
cleaner and healthier office. We think this is a plus in a time where Green
cleaning is marginally offered by most firms.

If you request a different set of cleaners for your office with fragrance, color,
or certain brands, we will be glad to accommodate your request although we
strongly feel that our program offers the very best in Green cleaning.
Still have questions? Contact us to
request the Material Safety Data Sheets
(MSDS) for any of our cleaners or talk
more about our green cleaning services.