Countertops styles can have a big impression
whether in your kitchen, your island, your outdoor
BBQ, workspace or your commercial place. Inside
or outside, concrete countertops have the potential
to become a statement item whether in your home
or your business. Concrete countertops offer
various creative solutions while still maintaining
durability, making it popular for people that are
looking for a sophisticated sleek look that will be
reliable and that will last.
These Days modern cast concrete is what is widely used today. Thanks to the ability of concrete that can be formed into any
imaginable shape, there are numerous flexible applications that are possible while also featuring natural stone.

Concrete countertops allow you to give your bathroom, kitchen or business a high end modern industrial style while also maintaining
its functionality, as it provides counters for more space like work, food prep, breakfast eating, socializing, reading or dining.

Making use of concrete as the material for your countertops lets us make your countertops truly unique to your taste. Concrete can
be shaped into limitless shapes, create seamless runs, can have varying thickness on the surface and you even have several color
options to choose from. Your countertop can be totally customizable, in the bathroom you can match your countertops to your vanity,
the tiles, and floors. And thanks to concrete’s easy maintenance and durability, these projects aren’t just limited for indoors but
easily outdoors as well.

From light polish to high polish, glossy or matte, concrete countertops have a wide range of graduated finishes, with different levels
of grinding that allows for more or less aggregate to be exposed. As your project is completely unique and customizable by you, we
can also add decorative items such as shells, pebbles, glass chips, tile pieces, memorabilia, and more. You can also add stones to
create “terrazzo” effect, stains or make a pattern, the choice is all up to you.

As every project is custom and unique for every client, we do need to schedule an appointment for an accurate quote. If you would
like a free estimate please call our number at (619) 599-4998.
We do Concrete Overlay for
countertops also, a concrete layer
over existing laminate, formica,
wood, or practically any
countertop. Concrete Overlay may
be customized with Concrete Dye,
Stain and Pigments for rich color.  
Whether you are refinishing
concrete for a new look or
overlaying on top of existing
countertops, we can help you
make your counters look and feel
professionally done!
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